Answering Your Questions

Is the clinic taking new patients right now?

Yes, all eligible Culinary Fund participants can join the clinic. The best way to learn about the clinic is to give us a call and we can confirm your eligibility and help to set up your first appointment.

How can I become a patient?

You can become a patient at the clinic once we confirm your eligibility. Simply give us a call (702-48-EXTRA) and we can begin to make the right steps together for you to join.

Will I have to change the doctor I see now?

We would like anyone who is interested and eligible in the clinic to come to and meet our staff to learn more. You are welcome to make an appointment for a visit and after the first one or two visits you can decide if the Culinary Extra Clinic is a good fit for you. If you decide to join Culinary Extra we would like to become your only primary care doctor and we would like you to trust the Culinary Extra Clinic for all of your primary care needs.

What happens if I go to the Culinary Extra Clinic and I change my mind or want to go back to my old doctor?

We will always try to do our best to take care of you and do more than you expect for great care and service. If at any time you become unhappy with the Culinary Extra Clinic, you are free to find another primary care doctor; just let us know that you wish to leave the clinic.

Will the staff speak Spanish?

Yes, the majority of our staff are native Spanish-speakers including one of our physicians, Dr. Snow.

What is a health coach?

All patients have a chance to work with a personal health coach, who is trained to help you to take control of your health care. Your health coach will get to know you, your health goals, and your special needs. Also, your health coach will help remind you of your appointments and arrange tests.

How much is the co-payment for an office visit?

You will never have to pay a co-payment for any office visits to the clinic.  We want you to come to the clinic as many times as you need to see your doctor or health coach.  Also, doctors and health coaches are available by telephone, email, text message and video chat, and there is no co-payment for any of these ways of communication either.  We hope to make it easy for you to get the care you need and to get important questions answered quickly and easily.

Can I walk in for an appointment any time I want?

We encourage our patients to call first for an appointment so we can be sure you are seen in a timely manner without having to wait.

If you have an urgent medical issue, call if you are able and we will be certain to see you that same-day.